Business Communication

Business Communication Trends
Sean Monahan
Jodi Russo

Business Communication Trends
What role does business communication play in your day-to-day work activities
Business communication plays a big role in many different ways in the day-to-day work activities. A few of the ways are done by building a rapport with other co-workers and clients, helping to resolve conflicts, and giving the right information in a meeting. By building a rapport a person is able to build a point of trust between themselves and either the clients, co-workers, or even the competition. By having good communication skills you can make sure that what you have said is not misunderstood and comes out clearly. By having whoever you are talking to understand what you said clearly you know that no misunderstanding will have taken place. So if you explain to a co-worker that you need five boxes of supplies they understand clearly what is wanted and not mistaken it for ordering more than is needed. Another way good communication skills are used are when resolving conflicts. By having good communication skills conflicts can be resolved easier and without the conflict getting out of control. By communicating clearly in a conflict each person can give their opinion and can come to a satisfactory resolution in a timely and efficient way.

How does it help you manage your daily activities
Good communication skills can help not only at work places but at home or out doing everyday chores. By having good communication skills you can ask for something and be able to get what you are looking for easily. It can also help resolving a problem whether at home or at another business efficiently.

What trends have you seen in your current or previous workplace
I am not currently working but I have used many different methods of communication skills whether it be verbally or even written. Communication skills are used in both methods. Even if you are writing a letter to a person if it is not wrote clearly it can still be confusing for the receiver to understand.

What message types are results of these trends
The different message types that are used are a wide range. A few of them are anything from verbal, email, letters, and notes. Any of these ways can be used for communicating information, but if not done with good communication skills messages can be misunderstood or confusing to the client. It is very important to be clear and to the point when writing messages. By doing this it is easier for a person to understand what you have written.
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