Business and Ethics

Sharon Reid
Answer to questions on Ethics and Legalities
American InterContinental University

What is the difference between lobbying and bribery
Bribery is a quid pro quo of offering money in return for political action. Lobbying is offering political support (usually votes or expertise) in return for political action. Legal lobbying does not involve direct financial support. This is the difference between Bribery and Lobbying, and it is why some lobbyists end up accused of bribery.
What argument could the SLOC members make that the payments made do not fit the definition of an illegal bribe (under the FCPA)
The legal definition under the FCPA for bribery is ???an illegal payment that is meant to influence an official to award or maintain business activity. The SLOC could argue that there was no agreement to make or accept payments to influence the IOC, that these gifts were given to the members and their families to show good cause and thanks for allowing Utah to host the Olympics in their state. That by no means were these gifts to be considered a bribe or to have any influence of their decision as to where the Olympics would be held.

What do you think is the appropriate punishment for the violation of ethical and legal principals
It would all depend on the violation, and then it would have to depend on the severity of the crime against ethical and/or legal principals. For example: Slavery, that was and still is one of the most unethical and illegal thing that you could do to another person and the punishment for that should be prison. Although slavery was once legal and slaves that tried to run would be whipped and/or killed by their owner. It is unthinkable to me to hold someone against their will
to have that someone do as you say by whipping that person into submission. Since times have changed and slavery is no longer legal it is still very unethical and anyone accused and found guilty of that crime should be punished by spending the rest of their life in prison.

Should the remedies be limited to the expulsion of the members who violated those principles, or should the entire community be held responsible
The punishment should be limited to the persons who violated the principles. The entire community should not have to pay for the mistake of one or a small group.

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