Bush U.N. Anti-Hussein Speech

This paper is an analysis of President George W. Bush s speech against the regime of Saddam Hussein at the United Nations on September 12, 2002.

This paper states, in President Bush s view, all the factors add up to the need for strong action to remove Saddam Hussein from the leadership of Iraq. The author thinks that the United Nations has tried to get Iraq to meet the requirements of the past resolutions, but that Iraq will not go along with the resolutions. The paper concludes that President Bush wants to have the support of many countries in the effort to replace Saddam.
“Saddam Hussein has violated sixteen of the United Nations Security Council resolutions passed to control Iraq s destructive tendencies. The resolutions were passed between November 29, 1990 (the time of Iraq s invasion of Kuwait) and December 17, 1999. The resolutions were not just violated one time, but were violated many times. After the Gulf War, Iraq was supposed to release prisoners, return Kuwaiti property and pay for damages to Kuwait. Iraq had to allow the destruction of chemical and biological weapons and all of its ability to make any more of these types of weapons.”