As a manager, what factors do you consider when determining the most effective way to communicate a message to your employees Does this change if you are preparing to communicate the same message to your superiors Why

As a manager, you need to be mindful of not only the message you are delivering, but the means of communication used to deliver it, i.e., the channel. You also need to take into consideration the recipient of said message. A good manager needs to know the idiosyncrasies of their staff, and any message that needs to be delivered needs to be molded to the recipient, but always making sure that the core of the message is not disrupted. For example, if an employee has a high emotional core and you need to deliver a stern message, you would modify it so as the implied communication is delivered in a appropriate tone without giving it opportunity to be misinterpreted. Another thing to take into consideration when sending this message is the environment. If the employee is very busy or having a bad day, you will need to relay the information in a manner that is assimilated fully without having the external factors influence the delivery. One more factor to observe is the actual message, and the modification of said artifact.
As for communicating the same messages to a superior, I find that you need to be more clear and concise with this communication. A superior will always want to receive the messages straight to the point, and changing it or sugar coating it will be cause for concern.

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