Bus210 Week 9 Capstone Question

The career path that interests me is one day owning my own business. This class has influenced me by making me know every single thing theres to know about owning and operating a business. I honestly didnt know that there were so many things involved in business… Also for whatever its I choose to do in my career. All of the things that Ive learned here in this class will help me to better my future. I could now look at my future with a smile on my face because of what Ive learned.
There are many career paths in business and financing. Ideally it would to own my own company, but I think I need to learn more before I am ready to do that. First I want to finish my degree in accounting and get my CPA license. This is what I want to concentrate more in the near future. I am also thinking to change jobs and look for something in accounting, specially auditing. This class was a little different than what I have expected in the beginning. I have previous business classes and I thought this class may be similar to them. What I found different in this class was more information on evolution of business, ethics and leadership than general business terms. I specially liked the material on leadership and organizational behavior and structure. This material helped to look in a different way at the company I work for and its structure. It also helped me make up my mind regarding possible career options.

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