Britain and the EU

An examination of why Britain is adamantly refusing to join the EU.

This paper explores the reasons why the nation of Great Britain is so against the European Union. It explains that Great Britain is one of the most notable hold-outs to joining the union. Great Britain has steadfastly refused to join the union or to convert its traditional currency to the Euro. This refusal to join continues and has a great deal of support among the British people.
“The British people take a great deal of pride in their nationality, more so than most any other nation of Europe. The British people are proud of being British. They have their national songs, their national traditions, national holidays, and national identity. This identity is wrapped up in over one thousand years worth of rich cultural history, during which time the people of the British Isles created a culture that is uniquely and easily identifiable as British. The British people, therefore, are loathe to give up this unique sense of nationality, this sense that they are unlike any other nation in the world, and adopt the common, homogenized mantle of being simple a “European nation.” In fact, the British people can realistically be expected to fight strongly against joining the European Union, simply due to their strong nationalist feelings.”