Breasfeeding Past a Year

This paper answers the question: should a mother stop breastfeeding her baby after a year?

Breastfeeding is often a choice that mothers make concerning how they want their babies to be fed. Some mothers want to feed their babies with breast milk until they are almost a year old while other mothers believe that breastfeeding a baby is important until they are almost three or four. This is a controversial issue that each mother must decide for herself. A mother should look at the facts about breastfeeding after the second year and make her own decision based on facts and not what others believe is good for the baby. My personal viewpoint is that each mother needs to decide what she wants and not let others put her down. In this paper, I will argue that there is no set age in which to stop breastfeeding because it is an individual decision that must be decided by the mother after considering the pros and cons of breastfeeding after a year or two.