Brand Trust

Examining how the concept of brand trust has impacted consumer markets.

Brand trust is a very important part of the American marketplace. When consumer develops a trust or loyalty for a certain brand they may use that brand for the rest of their lives. The drive to create these lifetime consumers convinces firms to spend millions to advertise and develop new products. This paper reviews and analyzes the literature on the subject of brand trust and the impact that brand trust has on the marketplace.
“According to an article in The Chief Executive a brand is a guarantee of a certain quality or aesthetic experience extended by a firm to its customers “Firms placed their brands at jeopardy every time they breached their implied contract with customer expectations.”(“Brand Blowout”) The article asserts that when a customer trust the quality of the brands that they purchase the company that produces the brand must ensure that the quality of the product is maintained. When a company fails to do this customers? may choose to abandon the brand and purchase brands that are produced by competing firms instead.”