Bluetooth and Wireless Technology

Examining the Bluetooth Wireless Technology and the way it entered the markets.

This paper looks at business trends of the method in which this form of technology entered the market on a slow pace. The writer provides a description of the technology and looks at sales figures of the first few years after the product’s launch. It examines what use customers have for the product. The paper also includes an executive summary.
When first launched in 1994, Bluetooth Wireless Technology gave a brilliant surprise to the portable lifestyle. The new innovation has given a solution to give cable-free computer connections, which means real freedom to working environment despite location and wire availability. The technology allows portable computers, notebooks, mobile phones, personal digital assistant and other handy gadgets to make use of short range, low power radio technology to connect to each other (Elachi, 2001). The technology seems to be a good substitute for speed and capacity for cord connection. Evers (2002) explained, Bluetooth technology gives 400 kbps data transfer rate and operates in the 2.4-GHz frequency band, similar to cordless phones and 802.11b wireless LAN technology. It also supports 10-meter computers connection at 1 Mbps speed. However, it does work only for limited numbers of existing electronic devices.