Blackbeard the Pirate

A bio of the life and legend of 17th century pirate – Blackbeard the Pirate.

This paper introduces, discusses and analyzes the life of Blackbeard the Pirate (Edward Teach). Specifically, it looks at Blackbeard’s exploits, and tries to uncover why his legend has lasted so long. Different sources which describe his actions are presented and analyzed.
Blackbeard the pirate is one of the most famous pirates to ever live, and one of the most elusive. Not much is known about his early life; but some documents now support he was originally named Edward Drummond, and came from Bristol, England. Later, he changed his name to Edward Teach, sometimes spelled Thatch, Tache, Tatch, or even Tach (Powers). He was a large man, who liked to intimidate those around him, especially during battle.