Black Women Activism

A study of lives and political influence of the black American women, Ida Wells and Sojourner Truth.

This paper examines the courageous struggle of African American women for equality. It explores the stories of to activist Ida Wells and Sojourner Truth, who over came to the cultural and educational restrictions of slavery to fight institutionalize prejudice in the white male dominated American society. The paper describes their empowerment through the Pentecostal religion.
“In America that women got equality was a great feat considering the barriers they had to face, but that black women emerged in society as activists who overcame the societal restrictions was nothing short of a miracle. For these African American women had to overcome their slavery, their culture, the negative stereotypes associated with them and the prejudice which came from both white men and women. They were sometimes illiterate and sometimes educated, and yet, either way emerged victorious overcoming their every handicap in society. It these women amongst whom Sojourner Truth and Ida B Wells are but two name that gave feminist black activism a new life.”