Biography of Dancer Isadora Duncan

Biography of the dancer, Isadora Duncan.

This paper presents a brief biography of the dancer, Isadora Duncan, as well as a description of her philosophy of the dance form. The paper also discusses her influence on and contribution to modern dance.
“Duncan’s personal success as a dancer should not diminish what is perhaps her greater contribution, her success as a teacher and a creator of her own tradition. She began her first school in Grunewald, Germany in 1904, selecting children from the poorer classes and providing completely for all their physical and materials need from her own pocket. Later, she established schools in both Russia and Paris. Interestingly enough, these schools are proudly proclaimed as providing an unbroken legacy of tradition with their founders. The existence of Isadora’s dances lies in the transmission of the choreographies from one dancer to another in an unbroken line of generations of Duncan dancers, writes Lori Belivoe in the periodical and press release of the foundation that bears Isadora’s name. (Belivoe, Isadora Duncan Foundation for Contemporary Dance, `Isadora Duncan Legacy and Schools`) Duncan’s indefinable, inexact balance between classicism and personal, inner artistic poetic expression manifested in dance thus became a tradition in and of itself.”