Binge Drinking and Gambling

A discussion of the over-use of alcohol and its effects on gambling.

This paper looks at how some people are more likely to be effected by alcohol abuse and how its effect vary in regard to their increased desire to gamble. The writer explores drinking within families, college students, and adults. In conclusion, the paper shows how both of these addictions are anti-social behaviors that can be dealt with by psychologists and with treatment.
“Consumption of a huge amount of alcohol in a small period of time, for the reason of getting intoxicated is Binge drinking. Within a period of two-weeks, if women drinks four or more drinks in one sitting, and men drinks five or more in one sitting, one or more times, they are classified as binge drinkers. A person who has occupied himself in spree drinking three or more times within a two-week period is defined as a binge drinker. In universities across the United States, 70% of the students are binge drinkers, as per a latest analysis. In a college campus, the average amount of binge drinkers is 50% of men and 39% of women. Consuming to have fun, drinking to get intoxicated, and drinking to have a good time are the three main reasons given by people who do binge drinking.”