Benjamin Franklin: Influencing Modern America

This paper is about how Benjamin Franklin influenced America.

The paper is divided according to topics, including capitalism, the American work ethic, and the great American dream. Each section draws from Franklin’s Autobiography and Poor Richard’s Almanac to show how Benjamin Franklin shaped the ideas of modern America. It explains that Franklin?s quirky sayings in Poor Richard?s Almanac, although over two hundred years old, are influential statements that are easily recalled by many present-day Americans.
Benjamin Franklin is fondly remembered today as a man of letters, a great inventor, and one of America’s forefathers. Though his obvious and tangible accomplishments are quite impressive, they are shadowed by the ongoing influence Franklin has on modern-day America. This influence of individualistic thought can be viewed upon reading Franklin’s writing, most importantly The Autobiography and Poor Richard’s Almanack. In his works, it is clear that Benjamin Franklin imbibes America’s capitalist society, our work ethic, and the great American dream. For better or worse, rightly or wrongly, Benjamin Franklin has been identified with the American national character (Sanford v).