Before we begin

Before we begin, I would like to ask you a question; If you could be doing anything right now what would it be?
The lie we live.
We could be doing whatever we want, but we are stuck in school learning information that we probably won’t even use in the outside world. I mean would you ever use quadratic equations? Probably not, instead a computer that calculates that for you. But that’s why I’m not here, I came here to talk about the lie we live, or what we call “living”. Each day we live the same day, walk up, get ready, have breakfast, go to school/work. We follow the same path as yesterday. Once, every day used to be a new adventure; days were endless; but somewhere that changed. now they are scheduled, put into a timetable, for maximizing the productivity. Is this what it means to grow up? To be free? But then again are we really free? Food; Water; Land, the elements we need to survive, they are owned by corporations. There is no food for us on trees; no fresh water in streams; no land to build a home upon.