Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #1 in C-Major

This paper analyzes in detail each movement of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #1 in C-Major including exposition, development study and recapitulation can someone write a research paper for me.

First Movement: Exposition (Bars 1-256). An orchestral unison in the strings announces the principal motive (not really a theme), figure 1, which is extended lyrically (ms. 9-16) to the full tutti repeat of the opening at measure 16. A progression to the subdominant at bar 24 leads to a developmental transition utilizing the scale figure from the opening and in secondary dominant on D (ms. 36-37) to cadence on G at bar 46.
An unprepared shift to g minor eventually leads to the second theme in E-flat major at measure 49, using G and B-flat as common tones. This theme, figure 2, provides much of the developmental material used throughout the movement, especially …