Based on this situation

Based on this situation, it will be a difficult moment for Latifa’s to handle this. The suggestion advice to Latifa’s handle this situation is she must have a strong emotion and mental because her ability to successfully interact with other people is so important to her survival, these skills have become part of human nature. It determine whether to help in large part on the basis of how other people make us feel, and how to think and will feel if we help or do not help them. For the first step, make a proper plan first on how to employee one by one task in short period and on how to complete one by one task to handle this situation. After that, Latifa also must to do some short check list about the employee performance appraisal and performance management. It is very important because it can identify and analyze whether the employee is good quality performance or not. Apart from that, she must to make an observation on how employee works at each department to ensure which employee better stay or which employee are not needed anymore. Furthermore, she have to think future about which task can combine and can reduce utilize of worker. It can be strong reasons why she wants to terminate some employee in the company because employer can terminate employee if they not perform very well.
Another thing is she must make a friendly with employee and socialize with them. Having a good communicate with employee can make them close relationship with others. In this contact Latifa need to listen carefully to the questions and concerns of everyone in the organization. Also Latifa must be are motivation person and professional worker for employee about how to think positively about what will happen in the future. It can help employee give motivate about the problem that Bunga Raya Bank must clearly. Hence, she must give them benefit such as offer them to searching new job. Latifa must think a good alternative to help employee get new job and give them benefits, so that they can be realize burden.
In addition, Latifa must be a good critical thinking and must think about the customer loyalty of perception if Mr Yusuf Chang closes any branches will affect the reputation of the company and the customer’s loyalty to Bunga Raya Bank. This is because the sense of inconvenience to customers will make customers taste split to others bank that can give a good TQM total quality management services to them and will ease their business. In the other word, Latifa can changes Mr Yusof Chang plan to not closure any branches and terminated any employee. Latifa’s need to plan the time left it mean she must create a program or training and give a change for employee to raise their profits in very limited time such as in only 3 month given. So that, if they can raise the profit until achieving company goal, it may be to motivate them to maintain it. If employee make a higher profit company, it can help to change mind Mr Yusuf Chang to closes the any branches Bunga Raya Bank and give award to employee achieve goal to maintain the economic sustainability. Last but not list, Latifa must be discuss with the Mr Yusuf as a CEO to think about the implementation of strategy management of Bunga Raya Bank. Strategic management is defined as a bundle of decisions and acts which a manager undertakes and which decides the result of the firm’s performance.