Based on the case study

Based on the case study, Yusuf and Latifa have shown differences side of approach to leadership. They have differences leadership approach in making decision and solve the company problem.

Yusuf shows his leadership style to approach his staff in company are more to directive. He focuses more to initiate the structure than considering his staff opinions. It is important for him to make profits increase. However, his decisions without asking others staff opinions will affect all the Bunga Raya Bank branches, staff and customers such as jobs loss and relocation of employee. For him, asking others opinions are not important and it will intrude his ways to make changes. Yusuf also does not have comfortable relationship with his staff because he rarely spends time together with staff. When he rarely spends time them, he will gets lack information and less aware of what is going on around his company. Actually, it is good if he can spend some time listening to the problems and opinions of the staff as their opinions can also give a better idea of the problem.

In contrast with Latifa leadership approach, Latifa has very good relationship with the staff and good leadership skills. She listens and concern with her staff matters. She even travels a lot just to make sure all the operations and staff every branches are functioning. Their good operations or productivity could bring satisfaction and good perception to their customers toward their company. Besides, staff very comfortable talk to her about their concern in company and it is advantage to Latifa because she receives a lot of information that can help some development or brings new ideas to their company. She also careful with her decision and worried her action could effect to other staff.