Bank Mergers

How NationsBank and Bank of America, as organizations, cope with change in the merger integration process.

This paper examines the merger process of two major banks – Nationsbank and Bank of America. It focuses on the issue of change, showing how it benefits the organization as a whole. The concept of coping with change in an organization is analyzed in the context of this merger.
“An organization is an ever evolving and changing entity; and, all organizations undergo changes at some stage in the history of their existence. The environment in which an organization operates and functions in today’s dynamic market is also constantly changing. Change is normal and life’s one salient certainty. While change is good for an organization it helps stimulate the organization to grow change can be difficult to implement in an organization (Mukherjee and Mukherjee, 2001). Technological and equipment change is easier to handle than changes in the human resources. More than physical and other resources, changing the mindset and the human factor may ultimately come to represent the new competitive edge for a corporation. How an individual, a group or a department relates to change determines the achievement of success for any organization.”