Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence

A paper which examines how American society is dealing with what is perceived as a national crisis – domestic violence.

An examination of the inadequate methods America’s society still attempts to use in dealing with the issue of domestic violence. Also included in this paper is a brief discussion of the effects of domestic violence on women and the history of domestic violence in the United States.
How is America’s society handling the issue of domestic violence? To answer this question, one must know what domestic violence is, how it is perceived in our society, and how it has been perceived in the past. One must also understand how this abuse affects women’s lives and self-perceptions. Once understood and combined, these factors form a dilemma that has raised many questions not only in the personal lives of Americans, but also in the minds of lawmakers and law enforcement across the country. Although some people would like to think otherwise, this issue touches a place deep inside the private areas of couples and families in every home in the nation. Every woman knows a friend or family member who has been in some sort of abusive incident, or has been in an abusive relationship herself. Still, women continue to deny that these events take place, therefore allowing the problem to grow.