Astronomy and the Young Universe

A discussion of the argument about the young universe and the mature universe.

This paper discusses what the universe is made up of, its age, how stars are formed and what is the future of our solar system. It discusses the history of the exploration of the universe. The author explains how In this century large telescopes are set up, far away from city lights and traffic to gather the best data for studying the skies. A brief overview of the theories on the origin of the universe is also given. The author concludes that although new theories are constantly being proposed and science is constantly to answer the question “Where did we come from?” , until now, no answer has satisfied everyone.
“Man’s fascination with the heavens is as old as recorded history itself. Astronomers from all civilizations medieval to the present times carefully observed the stars and their relative position in the night sky. Even in the medieval times, astronomers universally observed two features: that stars tended to drift westward with each passing night; and, despite this apparent movement, stars were always in a fixed position relative to each other. Anything that man could not explain, ending up fascinating him as did the stars. It has been stated that when man loses his desire to explore the unknown, the human race will have sounded its own death knell.”