Astrology and Astronomy

A discussion of the effects of astrology and astronomy on today’s society.

The paper discusses the universal influence of astrology and astronomy from the beginnings of time under both Christians and Muslims. The paper then looks at the discoveries of Copernicus and Galileo and how the observation and tabulation of the planets led to the Scientific Revolution and all our technological advancements today. The paper also considers why astrology has increased in popularity in this technical age.
Astrology and astronomy are as old as recorded history. Ever since a thought could be scribbled or even pictures drawn, they were of the stars. Around the first century these two bodies of knowledge, that we now separate were one philosophy. Looking at the stars predicted future events, as a guide for agriculture and helped explain the world and our place in it. Not much has changed in a millennia. The science of astronomy still influences how we look at the world; the money our government spends and captures our imagination in thinking of life on those other planets. Astrology, on the other hand, the system of the stars influence on our individual lives, although not scientific has had such a resurgence in popular culture.