Asperger Syndrome

A study of the symptoms and possible treatments for Asperger Syndrome.

This paper looks at Asperger Syndrome and examines the complexity and difficulties of the expanded roles the primary caregiver is forced to assume. Asperger syndrome is a neurological disorder that is oftentimes regarded as similar to autism. It also examines some of the strategies the primary caregiver could adopt to support his/her adjustments. The writer explores the stress associated with such type of caregiving, including the added daily tasks resulting from caring for a child within the autistic spectrum, the resources or lack of them, the worries derived from planning for the child’s future, and the effects of such worries on the caregiver’s relationships.

What is Asperger Syndrome
What does Asperger Syndrome Look like
Parental Role Adjustments
Siblings Adjustments/Relationship
“Though both disorder are in autistic spectrum, Asperger syndrome and autism have differences in terms of symptoms. Studies and researches indicate that children with AS do not exhibit a delay in language and cognitive development while autistic children do. In terms of social interaction, compared to autistic children, Asperger affected children demonstrate more awareness in the social world. Though it is also a symptom of AS in Aspies to have difficulties in their behavior and social relationship.”