Aspects of the Euthanasia Debate

An explanation of the current debate on euthanasia and the arguments for and against it.

This paper looks at the medical, legal, and ethical aspects of the euthanasia debate. The writer offers a number of scenarios and analyzes the best possible outcome for the patient, offering alternatives to euthanasia, as well.

Euthanasia and the Different types
Passive and Active Euthanasia
Voluntary and Involuntary Euthanasia
Euthanasia (the appropriate Solution)
Dependency Vs Autonomy
Euthanasia (Not a Right Solution)
Palliative Care
Euthanasia (Medical perspective)
Euthanasia a Legal perspective
The Danger in Legalizing
“Euthanasia is a combination of two Greek words Eu (easy, painless or happy) and “thanatos” meaning death. So the essential meaning of the term Euthanasia is pain-free and happy end to life. So Euthanasia is the term for the act of delivering the suffering patient from his troubles by putting him to death. In other words it is nothing but physician assisted suicide (PAS). [Michigan Technological University]. There are basically two different forms of Euthanasia namely Active or Passive Euthanasia and Voluntary or involuntary Euthanasia.”