As a teaching assistant

As a teaching assistant, we always need to consider what we communicate with others. At times we need to communicate in a different way in a different situation. The school we work for will also have a set rule for different methods of communication. Along with verbal and Nonverbal communication, at times we should explore formal and informal communication with children, young people, and adults (1).
Once we enter into a professional school environment, it is important to maintain the professionalism throughout the communication such as email, letter to the parents or a student report.
Culture is the way to identify a group of people who share common characteristics, mannerism, practices and social lifestyle. Language, gestures, dressing etc become obviously different.
Gestures we practice here is not necessarily the same in other cultures. What here we follow could have been disrespectful in some other countries and their cultures.For an example, we consider eye contact with someone provides honest communication is not the best practices in other cultures.