Artificial Intelligence: Are Men Machines and Vice Versa?

A philosophical discussion of the the issue of artificial intelligence and a comparison of the human mind and body to machines.

This paper examines the contemporary issue of “artificial intelligence” by looking at potent arguments provided by leading philosophers of the mind and body question. It explains the personal position and philosophy of the author concerning the question of artificial intelligence and whether, in the end, men and machines are more alike or are in fact different living machines running on a kind of evolutionarily-advanced software or indeed something much more than that.
“This contemporary issue, the question of humans and beings and machines, has a tendency to pull at me from both sides in the debate essay writer reviews. On the one hand, I want to believe that humans are wholly physical beings and a kind of living machine. I see the work of writers like Hugh Elliot and Christopher Evans, who make me feel better by giving me special status as a physical being due to the complexity of the trillions of interconnected neurons that make up my brain, and it all seems so logical. I add my own scientific, concrete mind and non-religious background, and the comparison of man and machine seems clear. On the other hand, these philosophers are really just guessing when they explain how our mind and consciousness work, for the real problem is that despite scientific progress we still do not understand enough about ourselves.”