are accordingly framed

are accordingly framed. The suggestions offered in the final chapter of the present research report, emerged from the inferences drawn from the study of the sample respondents. The researcher has used the questionnaire to collect the primary data.

1.5.5 Construction of Questionnaire

The key aspects of the present research were identified through the preliminary interviews i.e. pilot study with some select brokers. The questionnaire so drafted was circulated among some research experts, research scholars? and brokers for a critical view with regard to wording, format, sequence and the like. The questionnaire was redrafted in light of their comments.

The collected data were analysed with reference to the specific objectives of the study. The researcher has used the statistical tools like, Percentage analysis, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Chi-Square test, Mean score, one sample test, KMO and Bareletts test, confirmatory factor analysis, regression analysis