Architectural Design

A look at architectural design, the Horyuji temple in Japan, and how it reflects culture

A look at changes in architectural design. The author focuses on the way architecture reflects culture with focus on the Horyuji temple in Japan which expresses the culture of the time in which it was built.
“Throughout history, architectural design has undergone progressive changes in style based on a variety of factors. One of the most significant transitional phases in Japan includes the Asuka period in which Buddhism dramatically influenced the essence of the dialectic between form and function. A prime example of this profound style is the Horyuji Temple. Although the relationship between Buddhist philosophy and architectural design is unquestioned throughout this period, the origins of this relationship are intriguing. What factors led to the development of the Buddhist influenced structures? How significant are the features of the Horyuji in creating allusions to Buddhist ideology? To what extent is the Horyuji Temple “Japanese” versus Buddhist?”