Andrew Jackson: American Hero

This paper analyzes the political career of American President Andrew Jackon’s Presidency.

The paper shows that Andrew Jackson was the key president in determining the future direction of the U.S. and is considered one of the most constructive leaders in America’s history. The paper discusses how, from the onset of his presidency, Jackson was a true patriot, favoring the common man over the aristocracy, and proving it with the policies that he instituted during his presidency. He ensured the growth of the young republic that was the United States by making sure that his foreign policy was favorable for expansion. He also ensured the economic growth of the U.S. by handling issues such as the famous United States Bank case smoothly ad effectively. The paper shows, in summary, Jackson’s presidency was one of the most important in the history of the U.S. and he should be esteemed by all as one of the greatest democratic leaders in history.
In the area of domestic policy, Andrew Jackson also proved to be a very capable leader. During the course of his administration, Indian relations continued to be a pressing issue which needed to be addressed. As a result of the growing problems arising between whites and Indians, especially in the south, Jackson supported the removal of Southern Indians to lands west of the Mississippi River. He felt that such a removal would be beneficial to the Indians as well as whites because in the west, each Indian tribe could have their own homes and their own government.