Ancient Greek Political Government

Describes and analyzes the various types of governments of ancient Greece.

This paper analyzes the various governments of ancient Greece and their origins, including the systems of monarchy, timocracy, aristocracy, democracy, tyranny and oligarchy. The paper provides recent examples of these forms of government and highlights their weaknesses.
“Plato believed in absolute knowledge, which he believed philosophers could have if they kept pure and practiced philosophy. According to Plato, a person can reach absolute knowledge by attending his university and practicing philosophy and mathematics. Unlike Plato, Aristotle did not believe in absolutes.
“Aristotle believed that the ultimate reality of things is determined by the creator’s design, when such thing was created. Aristotle does not like the idea of having a philosopher King to rule society, as Plato preferred. Aristotle prefers the best person available to rule society. Aristotle believes that the only choice was one ruler, and the type of government was monarchy, also referred to, as Polis.”