Ancient Greece and Rome

Compares ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.

This paper looks at the similarities that existed between Greece and Rome in ancient times. The paper also looks at the significant differences that existed between the two civilizations.
“As life settled and wars abated in Greece and Rome, time could be devoted to entertainment and education. Greece became prosperous through trading and good leadership. Thus leisure time could be devoted to politics and religion, as well as other entertainment. In Athens for example, a splendid temple was built in honor of the goddess Athena (Unstead 23). Cities were also furnished with open-air assembly places where speeches and voting could be attended. Market places with stalls were surrounded by walks and shops. Theaters were built for the notorious Greek dramas, with marble seats for the richer citizens. 17,000 people could be seated in these theaters. The chorus was a very important part of the Greek tragedy, and actors wore wigs and masks (Unstead 26). Further leisure time was devoted to pottery made in beautiful shapes and decorated with great skill.”