Analyzing The Aeneid

Analyzes Virgil’s reasoning behind this reference to the character Aeneas as The True.

In his text, The Aeneid, ancient Greek writer, Virgil, frequently referred to Aeneas as The True because of how Aeneas always remained true to his faith in the gods. This paper expands on Aeneas’s sacrifice of happiness and love as he devotes his entire life to the will of the gods.
“Helen had become what was comparable to a plague. Even though killing Helen would not end the war, it would remedy what started the war initially. Her death would be vengeance for all who had died as a result of the war, and in turn all of whom Aeneas was friends with. Though Aeneas knew that there was no honor in killing a woman, the desire to kill someone so scorned by both the Trojans and Greeks was nearly uncontrollable. Jealousy started the war and blood-lust was going to end it.”