American Industrial Revolution

Analyzing the leaders of the American Industrial Revolution and the contributions.

This essay discusses the people and organizations that were instrumental in the revolt, including Robert Owens, A. Phillip Randolph, Annie Clemenc, and the National Child Labor Committee. The paper investigates the ways in which they used elements of the revolution to their advantage.
“America benefited from many advantages that made it the perfect environment for the Industrial Revolution. The country, with a small population was ideal for utilization and development. It was easy for the American government to purchase or seize large amounts of land throughout North America from Native Americans, European nations, and Mexico. (“Industrial Revolution”) America’s advantage was also dependent upon the fact that the American population was extremely literate, and economic growth was desirable to the Americans. The American settlements were across the continent from east to west, which created an extensive internal market. In spite of the distant borders there was free movement of goods, people, capital, and ideas. (Industrial Revolution)”