American Imperialism

A look at how the concept of American Imperialism has affected the island of Hawaii.

This paper introduces, discuss and compares the concept of American New Imperialism. Specifically, it discusses the significance of America’s acquisition of Hawaii. It looks at the history of the island and the heritage of its inhabitants and then examines how all this was destroyed due to the American gaining control of the island.
Imperialism took place around the globe in 1800 and 1900s at a tremendous scale. Most of the imperialist powers were based in Europe, such as England and France, but the United States had its share of annexations and takeovers, such as The Panama Canal and the Philippines. However, the United States annexation of Hawaii is perhaps one of the worst examples of imperialism in history. This act of American imperialism was the death knell of Hawaiian sovereignty and continues to negatively affect the lives of people of Hawaiian blood today.