American Education

A discussion on the number of school days in the American education system and its effect on the quality of education.

The paper asserts that American students have been lagging behind other countries because other countries have more school days compared to America’s 180 days. The paper discusses four government programs aimed at improving American education to ensure its students remain competitive in a global economy. The programs discussed are (1) four-day school week, (2) trimester schedules, (3) year- round school, and (4) extended/delaying learning time.
Another important advantage of the year- round program is that it enables slow learners and handicapped students to continue their studying continuously, since vacation and short breaks causes disruption in the learning process of the students. In fact, this important point applies to all students, since retention is essential in learning, and retention of everything that is learned in school is only reinforced if learning and education is continuous and undisrupted.