AMBER Alert Systems

This paper investigates the workings of AMBER, a partnership between law enforcement and the media that aids in the recovery of an abducted child.

This paper explores the alert system called AMBER: “America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. This system co-ordinates law enforcement with the media, to help people act immediately after a child abduction has taken place. The paper explores the general principles of the system and looks at its origin and history of development. It then goes on to explain how the system works, citing its benefits and using case studies to highlight its success. It concludes with a look at how to implement the system in other states.
The goal of the AMBER program is to communicate identifying information to the general public so they can report to law enforcement if they see any of the people or automobiles described in the AMBER alerts broadcasted. When law enforcement decides a child disappearance meets the criteria to issue an AMBER alert, they pass on information to the media, who broadcast it. Citizens are told not to approach any individuals or vehicles but are given a number to phone in the information so law enforcement professionals can use the information to apprehend the individuals.”