Alien II

Analysis of Ridley Scott’s movie and the undercurrent theme of motherhood.

This research paper discusses the representation of motherhood in the movie, Alien II, popularly known as Aliens. The paper cites supporting examples from camera techniques, dress and behavior, use of light/shadow and through the art of character placement.
Hence the themes pivotal to the movie are two. The principal theme addresses the use of action and firepower in movie, making it different from its first version, Alien. Second and more sensitive theme is the representation of motherhood and its various aspects. Moreover, what makes the Cameron’s effort a real hit was the innovative notion of portraying Ripley as the female action hero that earned Sigourney Weaver an Oscar Award. Thus, by weaving his exploration of motherhood into the fabric of the story, James Cameron injects an element of thought and artistry that could easily have been missing in lesser hands (Cavagna).