Against the Death Penalty

An argumentative paper against the enforcement of the death penalty.

An argumentative paper against the death penalty. The author provides reasons based on age, race, DNA and methods of execution as to back up his argument.
“The statement goes as follows: If someone killed one of my family members, I think that he/she should be executed. I would even start the lethal injection myself. (There is no doubt who the murderer is because eyewitness accounts are supported by physical evidence including DNA.) I completely disagree with everything said here. To begin with I don’t necessarily believe that they should be executed, even though most of society is on an eye for an eye state of mind. Further more I wouldn’t start the injection myself, besides who is to say that it would be an injection, there are more methods of capital punishment. I also believe that convicting someone by eyewitness accounts is completely insubstantial evidence.”