After reading the article

After reading the article, I do notice that there was an issue that has been getting expanding scope in the press all over the world today. In other words, the answer of one constitutions, Roots of empathy, whose stage is making individuals kinder as well as doing it meaningfully in any event with children that are in school mostly they said they see it occur. To me I think Born stein explains throughout the compelling story report from pioneers in the system and how about how rapidly children’s whole entire disposition can change drastically. They think this can happen by just watching a baby. I think the baby is more likely all accounts like a heart softening attracted. And still to this day I do not think everyone understand why. Most children learn events and procedures for consoling a child. In this certain period of time the program was “sparked by the suicide of Tyler Clementi, who was a gay college student who was always a victim of cyber-bullying since kindergarten.” To me I do think that the outcome they have go throughout all this protesting and stuff seems to be quite effective in reducing the totals of bullying across the ages of child from 5-8 years old. Bullying is a harmful thing weather it happens only one time or multiple times, in today’s world there are now big consequences for the bully. The big department that was involved with this whole situation is the department of education. They were a big help thought this whole thing. Bernstein describe preventing the problem in early age before it gets way out of control. Another thing thought this article that I found interesting is when Bernstein detailed a program referred to as Roots arranges monthly class visits by a mother and her baby.