After having a basic understanding of statics

After having a basic understanding of statics, it is apparent that it is used inappropriately quite often in marketing, politics, and in the media. Most recently I think about the media and the portrayal of immigrants being criminals. This has really become a hot topic with the media under the Trump administration and the push for more secure borders. Some studies focus on immigrants and over population of the prison systems in the United States trying to persuade the general population that immigrants are criminals. In reality, the number of immigrants and the crime rates actually show that there has been an increase in immigration and a reduction in crime rates (Flagg, 2018). It has been estimated that immigration has grown by more than 130 percent between the years 1980 and 2016, yet the average crime rate was reduced by more than 10 percent for that same time period (Flagg, 2018). There are indeed other variables that must be looked at when looking at immigration and the prison systems. Living in Arizona, in recent years the previous sheriff was under the spotlight for racial profiling. Could this be a factor when looking at immigration in the prison systems as well?