Advertising Tactics in the Print Media

Discusses advertising tactics in the print media, focusing on four ads.

The paper relates that advertising in today’s print media is bolder and more direct than it was years ago. The paper examines four ads that show how products are sold through appeals to sex, better health, and other methods. The paper analyzes the adverts of Taster’s Choice, Egg Beaters, Neutrogena and Nivea, and concludes that the Taster’s Choice ad is the most effective; the Nivea one the least effective.
Cafe au lait has become a buzzword among those in the know in recent years. Starbucks and other retailers have promoted their specialty coffees in a way that makes a person feel left out if they are not drinking them.
Now, Taster’s Choice coffee has entered the same market, though in a humorous way. In the April edition of Reader’s Digest, Taster’s Choice depicts a cup of coffee made with milk, instead of water. The simple headline reads: “To the eye, it’s Cafe au Lait. To the soul, it’s a bubble bath.” Following is a simple direction: use hot milk, instead of water with Taster’s Choice coffee, and you have a deliciously soothing cafe au lait.”