Adolf Hitler was a German Politician and the Leader of the Nazi Party

Adolf Hitler was a German Politician and the Leader of the Nazi Party. He was born in April 20, 1889. Nazism was actually started by Hitler. The term Nazism is derived from its full name “National Socialism”.

In 1924 Adolf Hitler wrote a book full of rancour “Mein Kampf” “My Struggle” in English. According to his beliefs a state that refuses racial contamination will inevitably dominate the world.

He wanted to name the book “Four and a half years of struggle against lies, foolishness and cowardice” but, this title was considered too long so “Mein Kampf” was preferred. The book was actually the ideals of Adolf Hitler on how he wanted the world to be and how this book will serve as a bible for Socialists. Many readers judged the book to be errant madness. Mein Kampf remained unsuccessful, hardly 20,000 copies were sold.

Later in 1924 when he was released from prison he wrote the second volume of Mein Kampf in which he mostly discussed about his projects, sale of this book was average until his take over of Germany in 1933. When Hitler took power, Mein Kampf was made mandatory for reading, the German state offered it to newly wed couples as a gift. If it was not available on your book shelf then you could be denounced by your hired help. It was translated in many languages. It made a Hitler, a rich man.

Mein Kampf spoke in Hitler’s words “The First World War was the most Unforgettable and most sublime moment in my earthly existence”.

Some questions arise in everyone’s mind like, How did this Austrian who came out of nowhere succeed in conquering Germany? How did he sow the seeds of rancour and brutality? How did Hitler and the Nazis drag the world into the apocalypse? How the Hitler Phenomena became possible?

For four years, Corporal Hitler had been a courier, carrying messages for Bavaria’s 16th Infantry Regiment. He ran from trench to trench delivering the soldiers their orders. It was a difficult and dangerous assignment. He was decorated with the Iron Cross. He wore his iron cross underneath his Nazi Party insignia.

During First World War (1914-1918) Hitler learnt utter disdain for the value of human life as do many other soldiers in this terrible conflict. He gradually became a fanatical nationalist. In the trenches the confused idea was born that one day he will bear witness and stand up for his companions in hardship, in other words, he will get into politics. Hitler knew how to effectively exploit his camaraderie with fellow war veterans, as he did 15 years later in the speech to workers at the Siemens factory “My fellow Countrymen, My fellow German workers, I came from among your ranks, I was one of you and I was right beside you during the four years of war. Then progressively, thanks to my perseverance by educating myself, and by enduring great hunger, I hauled myself up! But deep down, I remained the same”

He was a natural-born orator, his fanaticism and populism captivated listeners, forcing one to think as he did. He knew how to feed to his listeners exactly what they wanted to listen.

A chain of events accelerated his political engagement.

On night of October 13, 1918 a gas shell attack made him temporarily blind. He was evacuated to a field hospital and then to Germany. On the other hand, at the front Germans were pushed back and many were taken prisoner. Prisoners, the soldiers of Kaiser German Emperor Wilheim II, tried to maintain their dignity as they were marched through the same French and Belgian villages they had laid waste to over the last four years. Rest of the German Army started to move to their original place. These soldiers always kept the bitterness of a defeat that it was portrayed by extreme right-wing propagandists and made responsible to those unpatriotic elements of Germany who negotiated with enemy.

At this moment many events started to occur in Hitler’s life which he always considered as a turning point. He slowly recovered and eventually regained his position in the Pasewalk military hospital where the army treated the cases of shell shock. Hitler told that his inner voice called him to free the German people and to restore Germany’s greatness. To this hallucination, Hitler added his obsession, for him the German eagle was stabbed by the jews.

He wrote in Mein Kampf, during war we should have used gas for at least 12-15,000 unpatriotic people.

Anti-Semitism goes back to centuries and knows no borders. Jews had faced many miseries throughout their life. In Russia, start of 20th century, they had been victims of pogroms, many fled and settled in Germany.

Here the big question comes, Did Hitler himself had a Jewish blood? Well, Nazi regime didn’t ever disclose. According to Nazi’s law, Hitler doesn’t meet the so-called “protection of the blood” criteria imposed on the Germans who, to avoid persecution must prove that none of their four Grandparents were Jewish. Hitler couldn’t prove that he wasn’t Jewish in Nazi Terms.

In 1938 he announced in a public speech that “The German boy must be slim, with long limbs, rapid as a hare, tough as leather and solid as steel” “we are determined to create a new race”.

The general views about Nazis were exposed in a newspaper Frankfurtei Zeitung “The Hitler has no coherent ideas or thoughts, He is a dangerous madman. He has arrived at this point by following the wartime ideology to the letter, interpreting it in a primitive way, as if we lived in the times of the Barbarian invasions at the fall of the Roman Empire.

Hitler said “We will continue our struggle, fanatically and without pity, until death!

Downfall of Hitler came after the largest war in human history that is, World War II. Hitler’s invasion of Poland triggered declarations of war from Britain, France and several other nations. In May 1940 the Nazis started the invasion of Western Europe, invaded and occupied France, Belgium, and others. In June 1941 the conquest of Western Europe was followed with an ambitious invasion of Soviet Russia. In beginning June 1944, an Allied counter-offensive pushed the Nazis out of the Western Europe and into retreat. In early 1945 Germany was itself invaded, while Hitler and his inner circle took refuge in Berlin.

At last Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945, when he thought nothing was left to him he shot himself and his wife. But many people still have a believe that he hadn’t committed suicide, he fled from Germany when he had nothing left, he went to Mexico and lived a peaceful life. Even some people came in front who litigated that they’d met Hitler. 50% people of Germany believed that Hitler hadn’t committed suicide he fled, If he ever did suicide than his dead body would have seen by anyone.

Historian writes “without the Great Depression , without the crash of 1929, without the disintegration of bourgeois, liberals and conservatives, Hitler would have remained a nut case on the political sidelines