Active Euthanasia is Necessary

The author argues for the practice of euthanasia and supports his argument by providing real examples.

An argumentative paper about euthanasia, both passive and active.
“With constant advancement in medical technology, loved ones will be held more and more responsible for the life or death decisions of family members. Many fear the unknown realm that lies beyond this life more than their mental and physical pain, and want to live at all costs. Others, though, should they be faced with living in a vegetative state or dying, hope their families allow them to die. They believe euthanasia is acceptable in cases of terminally ill patients whose lives are simply being maintained with no hope of ever speaking or thinking again. Active euthanasia, which is in certain cases more humane than passive euthanasia, should be legalized to help aid the endless suffering of thousands of terminally ill patients who have no chance of living a quality life. ”