A Day in Infamy

This paper provides an overview of the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces during World War II.

The paper shows that although many people are aware of the devastation that occurred at Pearl Harbor in 1941, most are ill-informed concerning the causes, effects, and exact events that transpired in relation to this dreadful day in American history. This essay provides many facts and statistics about the tragic event of Pearl Harbor. It contains information before, during, and after the war.
“The primary, and most probable, cause of Japan’s attack on the US forces stationed at Pearl Harbor can be best attributed to the strong stance against the imperialistic practices engaged in by Japan. At this point, Japan was ruled by a militaristic government, with one of the primary figures being General Hideki Tojo. Under Tojo’s rule the Japanese army favored solving the island’s over-crowding problem by conquering neighboring states, such as China, while the navy favored usurping islands in Southeast Asia (Nunn 10).”