A Contrast of Population Policies in India and China

A study of the methods used by the two most populous nations on earth, emphasizing the difference between China’s coercive policy and India’s voluntary policy.


“Overpopulation is perhaps the single most pervading force of today’s society. Transcending boundaries of political science, economics, sociology or any other field working with issues relevant to contemporary society, the mathematical certainty of exponential population growth is simple; By the time we begin to sense overpopulation, it is only a short time until the problem reaches mammoth and uncontrollable scale. Particularly in the third world, where resources are scarce, the imperative for action for clear. China and India are the two most heavily populated nations of the world, yet have taken radically different approaches to population control. India has maintained a strictly non-coercive population policy, and indeed the population has skyrocketed. China, on the other hand, has succeeded in curbing the population growth rate quite significantly by taking a much more proactive stance. While pragmatically effective, China’s policies are so authoritarian and coercive that they lead to consequences considered simply inhuman by many.”