An examination of a unique problem solving method used by a dentist marketing company to increase sales.

This paper examines the problem of low sales turnover among the salespeople of 1800Dentist, a service company that provides referrals to dentists through television advertising. The paper suggest three alternative solutions that could be marketed in order to try and increase sales.
“Solution One is the recommended solution, with several packages being offered. These will include half the price for half the guarantee. To encourage long-term clients the length of the packages will not be varied, only the referrals guaranteed and the price. This means 1800Dentist will vary the advertising schedules for each client. This solution is recommended because it encourages long-term use of the service, which is the best result for 1800Dentist as it reduces administration costs, reduces the sales prospecting required and means that 1800Dentist will have a more reliable and constant income. Having long-term clients effectively ensures stable and uniform demand for 1800Dentist, this stable demand described as allowing an organization to “reduce costs and improve service; better utilize capacity; and enhance profit potential” (Slack, Chambers, Harland, Harrison, & Johnston 406).”