14 Jan

14 Jan.20 17Mdm.K A ElizhabethCircle Inspector
Alathur, Palakkad
Complaint against Unauthorised entry into my house and threaten, screaming with disrespect language among the Public on 14 Jan-2017 , 11am- 1230pm.

Mahesh kumar Mobile No. – +91 9744448058
Fadhil Kamarudheen Mobile No. – +91 9037001056.

Dear Madam,
I need to lodge a complaint against above mentioned persons did enter in my house while my husband is in Overseas and without my permission, this in due to a cheque return which I issued on 20 Dec 2016 as advance in the Name of Mahesh Kumar. Then he told me that he will not deposit the cheque until the full settlement , he also promised will return it to us.. but he did present the cheque for clearance due to his greediness.

When my husband was at home we happened to buy some granite from them as they do illegal transportation large quantity of Granites from Bangaluru. They made us believe its cheap because of they are getting from there direct, so we agreed to buy 600sqft from them, unfortunately we paid and did full settlement with 2nd person Fadhil prior( 2days) to the load comes to my house on 27th Dec-2017. Still Mahesh holding the 2 cheques TRs.8900 unnecessary . But they betrayed/cheated us through given only 450sqft(15) of good slices of granite to us, rest of the quantity of Granite they given us full of broken and scratched and small useless pieces(8) which they got it free from the Quarry. Witnessed by the CITU members who unloaded to my house. Then that day itself we had a huge argument and shouting in-front of public for to take back useless Granite pieces and return our money back of the broken pieces of 150sqft. They never agree and totally ignore us and gone back. It was really a mental stress for us for a week, because of all these are on the basis of verbal agreement.

Then we kept those broken pieces untouch and keep calling them, they never answered our calls, cancelled and ignored us, I have the call logs in my phone. After every thing (settlement and talk) my husband went to Singapore , as the whole family is NRIs , Settled there since 2006.
Today (14 Jan-2017) both of them came to my house and threatened me ‘if you did not give the money of returned cheque immediately we will not let you sleep peacefully in this house’ , as they are greedy and cheaters. I am not able live in fear with my two children(one 9yrs old and a 2year old baby) in my house ,as am not owed any money to them, I paid full price in advance that the quantity of good Granite I received .
I kindly request you to take a strong action on this matter and demand them to give back the cheques to us.
Thanking you
Mrs. Nandakumar & Nandakumar.R13/432, Nandanam,
Sivan Temple Road, Pullode , ThrippalurAlathur, palkkad- 678545
Phn. 9207564901.