1. Delays in Project Completion. If one of the department in the business can’t complete its assigned task on schedule, the implementation of the strategy will be delayed. For example, if the company are planning to launch a product in the upcoming year, but if delays in product design or prototype testing occurs, the strategic implementation of the company will also be delayed.
2. Loss of Suppliers or Distributors. If the company are depending on few or one supplier or distributor may cause production to be curtailed and the company may not be able to achieve the revenue growth that is stated in strategic plan. For example, if the key suppliers of the company goes out of the business or declines to renew a distribution agreement with your company, the implementation of company’s expansion strategy will not be possible until a new supplier is found.
3. Miscalculated Target Market. Minimal surveying of customers to find out what they really need and want may result into few fact or erroneous.