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Smith. 1
Stacy Smith
World Civ.II
Professor Waller
5 October 2012
The Way of Life.
During the period of the Qing Dynasty most individuals in China practiced the religion
of Confucianism. Confucianism was more of a tradition and cultural custom than a religion, this
value system of ethics, education, and fellowship taught believers harmony,moral virtues, and
love for humanity. This religion impacted the lives many and socially and politically structured
China. Confucianism has five cardinal relationships, and those relationships are as
followed; ruler and subject, father and son, husband and wife, elder and younger brother, and
friend and friend. Filial piety which is a symbol of Confucianism involves being loving
being respectful, dutiful, loyal and obedient.
During the late Qing Dynasty the role of Confucianism was no longer a positive aspect in the lives of the dissent of the ancestors who worshipped the teachings of Confucianism. The Qing Dynasty was falling as an empire and the Revolution had changed the way people once lived. People were becoming accustom to modernization and lost custom of the old way of life. There was no longer a deference to others and that is the main structure of Confucianism.

Smith 2.
The novel The Good Earth shares some example of how the Chinese culture changed during the late Qing Dynasty and how the role of Confucianism was negative. The story is about a young farm name Wang Lung who has love for the earth in which he harvest his crop and he still believes in the custom of being respectful and working hard to provide for his father and one day his own family. However times Wang endured hardship and then fortune and along with this new wealth Wang lost his way of life the love for the earth, his wife, and his sons knew no value because wealth influences them to stray away from there fathers belief. Wangs family deal with corruption, jealousy, and greed, it is up to Wang to try and find peace to bring his family back together.
Upon reaching manhood Wang takes on a wife, A slave from the House of Hwang, name O-lan. O-lan later bares Wangs children and after the birth of a third child a daughter Wang family experience a great famine. During a time of famine Wangs greedy uncle wants him to give him silver and feed him and his wife and seven children but Wang only has enough to take care of his own family. Because his good fortune has run out and he is no longer doing as well as he once did he only gave his uncle what he could spare. ???When his uncle came again Wang Lung cried out,
???Even filial piety will not feed my house!??? ???and he sent his uncle empty away???, ( Buck 77). Wang was implying that being dutiful, helpful, respectful loving and obedient to his elder, his uncle would not feed his family. It was said that if one was benevolent and obedient one would prosper in his land.
During the hardship and famine Wangs family had to sell everything and he moved to the
South in the South his family had to beg to get money for food and he had to work pulling a rickety. The South did bring Wang in his family a little comfort, the rich foreigners, the westerns gave generous amounts of gold and silver to Wang for working the rickety. But his son and family would things to survive that Wang was not fond of.
His son went from begging to stealing, this was not customer an man worked hard to prosper and Confucianism was not about taking or stealing. ???Beggers we are but thieves we are not??? ( Buck 119). Wang would not eat the meat his son had stole. Wang began to miss the land that he had onced harvested on and even thought he lived among others during the modernization and Revolution Wang still loved the earth that he farmed on. When wanted nothing more than to get back to the land he called home.
Once the war broke out and all the rich western moved from their homes Wang and wife O-lan along with other poor people ransacked the rich peoples home. Wang ran into a rich man and robber him for his gold. The rich man told Wang he had money and the first thing came Wangs mind was his land. ???It this word ???money??? which suddenly brought to Wang Lungs mind a piercing clarity. ???Money! Aye, and he needed that! And again it came to him clearly, as a voice speaking,
???Money- the child saved- the land! ( Buck 146). Wangs land was lile his child to him.
Wang was able to get back to his precious land with the money he had taken from the rich man.

Smith 4.
Getting back to his land only brought about more problem, Wang hadout back his land plus more from the Master from the House of Hwang, a master who was once wealthy himself but had lost all of his wealth from foolish spending. Wang had indeed prospered from his land that he had harvest on, he has so much land that he now need help to plough and harvest on it.
So Wang asked his friend to come work and live on his land. Once a flood hits the land Wang becomes idle in his work, he doesnt really care about the flood because he has become so wealthy. Not having to work the land Wang becomes bored with his children and wife and began to mistreat O-lan talking down to her about her appearance. Telling her she should look better now that they are wealthy. ???I mean, cannot you buy a little oil for your hair as other women do and make yourself a new coat of black cloth??? (Buck 180). Even though he is cruel to O-lan she never takes up for herself she is like a victim, still a mere slave to Wang.
Wang begins to lose sight of what is important and becomes consumed with his wealth that he looks to find pleasure in a prostitue name Lotus. Wangs greed uncle comes to pinch off of him again once he hears of his wealth using filial piety so that Wang will feel bad and take him in. He knows that Wang will not go again his elder and turn him away. Wang wanted to have to have Lotus come live with his house and willnot stop at nothing to get her offering all his money even his land for this woman. ???Silver, then! Silver and gold! Anything to the very price of my land??? (Buck 207). Wang does not show his wife O-lan the love he once had for her but showers his new concubine with gives and evens take the pearls from O-lan that the agreed to let her keep gives them to Lotus.
Wang looses interest in farming and begins to spend money to make Lotus happy even changing his appearance for her. Becoming what he hates and making the same mistake the former Master of the House of Hwang did. O-lan who is ill dies and after a while his friend of may years dies also. Wang who has gotten tired of his Lotus begins to miss O-lan and regrets mistreating her. Wang decides to get back into harvesting his land again and wants his son to also learn about the land that he loves. His sons rebel against him and do not want to be farmers. His sons do not value the land that Wang values. Wang watches as his sons and their wifes fight constantly, and his youngest son rebels against him and joins the army. Wang ask his sons to keep the land that he had grown to love in the family. But his sons only concern with wealth tell their father they will not sell the land but they have already secretly agreed to do so anyway.
So in conclusion Wang started out as a simple farmer who loved the good earth that he

Classical Theory and White Collar Crime

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Business Communication

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Business Communication Trends
Sean Monahan
Jodi Russo

Business Communication Trends
What role does business communication play in your day-to-day work activities
Business communication plays a big role in many different ways in the day-to-day work activities. A few of the ways are done by building a rapport with other co-workers and clients, helping to resolve conflicts, and giving the right information in a meeting. By building a rapport a person is able to build a point of trust between themselves and either the clients, co-workers, or even the competition. By having good communication skills you can make sure that what you have said is not misunderstood and comes out clearly. By having whoever you are talking to understand what you said clearly you know that no misunderstanding will have taken place. So if you explain to a co-worker that you need five boxes of supplies they understand clearly what is wanted and not mistaken it for ordering more than is needed. Another way good communication skills are used are when resolving conflicts. By having good communication skills conflicts can be resolved easier and without the conflict getting out of control. By communicating clearly in a conflict each person can give their opinion and can come to a satisfactory resolution in a timely and efficient way.

How does it help you manage your daily activities
Good communication skills can help not only at work places but at home or out doing everyday chores. By having good communication skills you can ask for something and be able to get what you are looking for easily. It can also help resolving a problem whether at home or at another business efficiently.

What trends have you seen in your current or previous workplace
I am not currently working but I have used many different methods of communication skills whether it be verbally or even written. Communication skills are used in both methods. Even if you are writing a letter to a person if it is not wrote clearly it can still be confusing for the receiver to understand.

What message types are results of these trends
The different message types that are used are a wide range. A few of them are anything from verbal, email, letters, and notes. Any of these ways can be used for communicating information, but if not done with good communication skills messages can be misunderstood or confusing to the client. It is very important to be clear and to the point when writing messages. By doing this it is easier for a person to understand what you have written.
Small Business. (2010, March). Retrieved from

The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien

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Fences, Kindred, Tewwg Dialogue

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Emmett Ogiony
AP English Summer Reading and Writing Assignment 2009
Background: The scene takes place in a typical Harlem department store. Each of the characters meets in an aisle all looking for various items that make up their personality. It is a rainy day in the summer, so the characters are already frustrated by the weather. The time is in the mid-1940s where racism is evident and degrading; even between race members. The scene focuses on the negativity of racism and the quality of all people. As the scene progresses it is clear of the barriers of the time and what needs to be done to bring it down.
???Nigger I ain??™t know where the jeans are, I??™m having enough trouble finding the wood for the fence I be building,??? says Troy in a steamy voice.
???Well excuse me! I was just asking for help, there is no need to bring those harsh words into this,??? says Dana, surprised at the words. The slight sound of the word made her shiver; the racism even between another person of the fellow race kills her inside.
???What??™s going on heh??? Janie says in a commanding voice as she walks into the aisle.
???You, woman, don??™t know what you??™re talking about here. This word here is fine, I use it all the time,??? Troy says as he eyes up Janie. ???You know little lady if you weren??™t old as my mother I??™d take you out for a night,??? Troy states. There was a time when he could do that he says; without that woman Rose always on him like a she wolf.
???Oh please sir, I been wit many men in my life and not any of em have used dat word around a lady,??? said Janie as she looked through the shelves for make-up with a look of despair. She sighed as she remembered Tea Cake, the man she used to love ever so dearly.
???That word has brought our whole race down for centuries, and look at you; just throwing it around as if it??™s nothing! Now look here, that woman over there is an example of all we stand for. She is strong and respected, which is exemplary in this time,??? Dana says as she gives a sinister look to Troy. This is what she hated, and angry man like Rufus doing this to her and her fellow people. People need to realize what kind of life we live in now she thought to herself.
Troy with anger building in his deep voice says, ???Look at me here, just trying to buy a bat and wood, now I have to argue with all ya women! This is a disgrace; you younglings don??™t know how good you got it. When I was younger all I did was work and get beat. Look at this employee here, he get paid for doing jack nothing!??? Troy looks back and remembers the hard times he used to have to survive; surviving the times he did and now look at this, what respect!
???You don??™t know how hard we work; you are just assuming this because we??™re women. Times are harder than ever and trying to put us in your place doesn??™t make it any better,??? Dana says.
???This girl heh is right she knows wat it is like for women right now, we all gotta stick together now,??? Janie says as she now becomes more involved in the argument. She looks over at Dana with acceptance and a bond with a certain common ideal being shared. They knew what was needed to be done now.
???Oh please women; you haven??™t felt the pain Troy??™s felt. My dad hit me and worked me, I don??™t suspect that happened to you! Times now aren??™t all farming, it just business and politics,??? Troy says completely right. He went to his past where he saw the troubles of his childhood. As Troy becomes depressed he thinks of Bono, his best friend to keep him going.
Janie intervenes, ???Man, you don??™t know bout??™ meh troubles. I loved and lost many times more than a woman heh should.??? Janie reminisced about her past, and then that anger dwelled up in her from all the lost love.
???At least you been loving freely, I been faking mine for years and will be faking it till done death comes for me,??? Troy says with a stern look on his face thinking about Rose.
???I don??™t want to see this hate here, it kills me inside. This fighting is the fighting done during slave times. We all have to stick together,??? says Dana feeling sorrowful. She remembered the slave times, all the hurt and pain welled up in one another.
???You know dis girl over heh is right, why you got to be all aggressive and mean-like to us man??? Janie says. Janie, in her life, has seen enough violence to last for a million years bringing up her past husbands, and the flood that killed her Tea Cake.
???Troy don??™t need to listen to no women like you, this here is stupid talk. I??™m Troy, a man, and I don??™t need to listen to all the trash you be talking misses. I says back in my old day woman were happy just not to be hit by their man,??? Troy says.
???I mean we don??™t get hit anymore, and we all are equal,??? Dana says with scorn, she looked over at troy with power and control.
???She right, we all have same jobs and rights. You sir need to get wit the times,??? Janie says.
???You know we all aren??™t all equal, the white man still brings us down. We may have the rights but we sure don??™t have the money to get us up. The black people are down and can??™t get up,??? Troy says with a somber voice. Finally realizing he is at fault, he sees where the ladies are getting at.
???I??™m glad we can at least agree at one point. With that you should see how to make us stronger, not weaker,??? Dana says glad as she finally broke through Troy with Janie??™s help.
???She right, we all gotta fight back at them white men,??? Janie says.
???Well old Troy here has to get on his way, don??™t wanna let death catch up on him,??? Troy says.
???Likewise sir, thank you for understanding me,??? Dana says.
???Thank you sir for sitting heh and talking to us,??? Janie says.
???It isn??™t anything but a heart break misses, I??™ll be seeing you,??? Troy says as he walks away.
The scene closes with all the characters dispersing down separate aisles, and a window outside shows the sun finally showing itself through the black clouds.

Forest Villas Condominium Association, Inc. vs Camarill

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Business Communication

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| Manager | Teammates | Travel Agent |
Purpose | To inform about team not reaching the financial goal. | To inform about performance. | To Cancel Trip. |
Audience | My audience would be my Manager or boss. | My audience would be my staff or employees. | My audience would be the travel agent responsible for making trip arrangements. |
Tone | The tone would be professional. | The tone would be professional but informal. | The tone would be very formal. |
Content | Good Afternoon. Mr. Smith. The reason for my e-mail is to inform you that although my teammates have been working very hard to complete all projects. We have still failed to meet the financial goal. I am doing everything in my power to make sure that we as a team do better. Please if you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to contact me at anytime. Thank you so much for your understanding. | Hello, my fellow teammates I am sending out this memo to first of all Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts. I am sorry to inform you that we did not meet our financial goal and will not be receiving our bonuses. If you have any suggestions that you think will help us improve you may contact me anytime. I you have any questions please feel free to ask. Again thank you for your hard work. | Hello my name is Tinesha McKeller the reason for my call is because I scheduled a Trip for a European vacation. Due to some unexpected problems. I will not be able to attend my trip. Thank you so much for you understanding. If you have any problems please feel free to contact me anytime. |

Why Did the Korean War Start?

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Fences & Death of a Salesman-American Dream

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The two plays Fences and Death of a Salesman have one common theme, that being achieving the American dream. These tales tell of two men with obscure views of achieving the American dream. Their mistakes along the way caused them to not only lose sight of their ideal of the American dream, but also sabotaged their families and lives. Both plays also have affairs contained in them, this being just one of the many mistakes the main characters Troy Maxson and Willy Loman made. Troy lived in a time period of great racial segregation, causing him to become against whites. His family life eventually fell to pieces after constant fighting with his son and wife, as well as an affair and his negative attitude. Willy believed his key to success was being well-liked. He drove to be successful like his brother Ben, and also pushed his children to strive for success. He eventually drove his family apart, and becomes so depressed and manic that he takes his own life. The American dream ideal can make people crazy if their goals are not achieved.

The American Dream
In the plays Fences and The Death of a Salesman the idea of living the American dream is very prevalent. Throughout these plays, the main characters and their significant others show how they pushed to achieve their idea of the ???American Dream???. Within both plays the idea is that when one obtains wealth, respect and happiness, they are considered successful human beings who have achieved all that is possible. Two protagonists, Willy Loman from Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman and Troy Maxson from August Wilsons Fences strive to become successful through comparable motives and ideals. One distinction between Death of a Salesman and Fences is the issue of race. Willy Loman is part of a white family who is struggling to survive, whereas Troy Maxson comes from an African-American background, is also having trouble supporting his family. Both protagonists are blinded by their illusions of success, and both of their experiences are akin to one another (Logan 2007). Willys experience with achieving the American Dream is similar to Troys will to survive. Troy struggles to overcome the barrier of Caucasians.
Willy is a salesman who believes that the only attribute needed for success is to be well liked. Willy does not realize that the value of hard work and devotion which plays the most important role in achieving success. Willy tries to teach his falsified ideology of the American dream to his sons, Biff and Happy (Litcharts 2009). He focuses more on Biff, the football player, because Willy believes that Biff has potential to become a salesman like him. After Willy talks to his sons about his travels, he says, “…Ill show you all the towns…And they know me, boys, they know me up and down New England…I have friends. I can park my car in any street in New England, and the cops protect it like their own” (Roberts, Jacobs, 2008). This quote is significant because Willy tries to persuade his sons into becoming like him by telling them about his life experiences. Not only does Willy try to take away Biffs dream of becoming a football player, Willy is abandoned by his father and his older brother, Ben who becomes lucky in Africa at twenty-one. During a discussion with Howard, his boss, Willy says, “Oh, yeah, my father lived many years in Alaska. He was an adventurous man…I thought Id go out with my older brother and try to locate him…” (Roberts et al. 2008). Willy strives to be like his father and wants to emulate the success of Ben. However, because they are not in his life, it is up to Willy to learn on his own. Willy also cheats on his wife, Linda, with an unnamed woman in Boston. Biff loses complete trust in Willy after he finds out about the affair. Biff says, “You fake! You phony little fake!” (Roberts et al. 2008). The adultery shows a sign of emotional detachment because Willy is constantly lying to Biff. Willy does not eventually reach his goals of being successful. Willy Loman turns out to be a complete failure as a businessman, a husband and a father because of his disillusionment of the American dream and his experience with abandonment. Troy Maxson, the protagonist of August Wilsons Fences, is a garbage man who is struggling to provide for his family. Even though Troy is a garbage man, he has the same issues as any other family regardless of skin color or race. As Willy Loman tries to persuade his son Biff to be more like him, Troy tries to pull Cory away from his dream of playing football. When Rose asks Troy why he does not let Cory play football, Troy says, “I dont want him to be like me! I want him to move as far away from my life as he can get…I decided seventeen years ago that boy wasnt getting involved in no sports. Not after what they did to me in the sports” (Roberts et al. 2008). Troy believes that sports will not guarantee Cory a future because of the fact that Troy is unable to become a baseball player because he is African-American. Troy also says, “If they got a white fellow sitting on the bench…you can bet your last dollar he cant play! The colored guy got to be twice as good before he get on the team.” Troy continues to talk about the racial barriers that affect his life. Troy is also abandoned by his parent at a young age. Troy is abandoned by his mother because of his father. Troy says, “But he was just as evil as he could be. My mama couldnt stand him…He wasnt good for nobody…” (Roberts et al. 2008). After Troy cheats on Rose with Alberta, Cory becomes angry and Troy disowns him. Troy cheats on Rose to escape the daily responsibilities of his family and his life, such as completing the fence. Troys lack of commitment to finishing the fence is equivalent to his lack of commitment in his marriage. When Troy says that Corys belongings will be on the other side of that fence it shows Troys emotional and physical detachment from Cory. The fence Troy is building for Rose symbolizes all of the barriers that Troy has come upon (Keyes). First, his abusive father, then poverty and homelessness and then it is because of the racial barrier that Troy is not able to accomplish his dream playing baseball.
Linda Loman is a caring and respectful wife to Willy. Her life, however, is dreary because she always hopes that things will work out for the better, yet those hopes never blossom. Her first mistake was choosing to marry and support Willy, whose basis of life was being well-liked (Litcharts, 2009). Linda continually supports Willy, sticking up for him against their children Biff and Happy. She aids to Willy??™s wants and needs, in hopes that it will help him find some sort of direction in life. It seems as though she too, is pushing Willy in a sense. Because of her supportive attitude, it may have influenced his suicidal tendencies knowing he did not provide well for his wife and children. A significant instance of her loyalty to Willy is when Linda states ???I dont say hes a great man. Willy Loman never made a lot of money. His name was never in the paper. Hes not the finest character that ever lived. But hes a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention must be paid. Hes not to be allowed to fall into his grave like an old dog. Attention, attention must be finally paid to such a person.??? (Roberts et al. 2008). Linda Loman stood by her husband??™s side when the rest of the world walked out on him. She in a sense was all he had left, which did not prove to be enough to keep him alive. In the play Fences, Rose Maxson is compared to a flower. She was a caring, nurturing woman with only good intentions at heart. Rose is a judge of fair character, completely opposite of her husband Troy who is against whites because he had been done wrong when he was denied the right to play baseball. She continually hopes for the best and does not let the present situation of racial barriers displace her from her goal of being a happy individual. A time when her true colors showed through was when Troy had an affair with another woman, and ended up impregnating her. Rose with his caring and nurturing personality, agreed to care for the child stating ???Okay, Troy??¦you??™re right. I??™ll take care of your baby for you??¦??™cause??¦like you say??¦she??™s innocent..and you can??™t visit the sins of the father upon the child. A motherless child has got a hard time. From right now??¦this child got a mother. But you a womanless man. (Roberts et al. 2008). With her continual support for Troy, Rose is the ideal image of a typical 1950??™s African American housewife.
The two classic plays Fences and the Death of a Salesmen display many similar qualities, with the main theme being the chase of the American dream. Although the men??™s dreams were not ultimately reached, their legacy continued to live on throughout their families and children. The men lost everything because of their indifferent mindsets, yet their faithful wives stood by them throughout the thick and thin times. The American dream is not all it is cracked up to be, and at times can drive people to make choices that they wouldn??™t have previously made. The true ideal behind the American dream is to live a happy, healthy life. Being well-liked and wealthy did not get Troy or Willy through life, and that certainly applies in the real-world today. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

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Roberts, E.V., & Jacobs, H.E. (2008). Literature. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

Curriculum for Students with Disabilities

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Business Communication Trends

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Business communication play a variety of role in my day-to- day work activities. I have several ways to communicate with internal and external business partners. The basic ways I communicate is via email, telephone, or fax. Most companies such as the one I am employed at offers a database called the intranet, this tool is helpful in the event you are trying to locate and employee; it provided names, location, department, organization charts, and other helpful information like calendar of events. Companies also offer internet services to work with external business partners, such as government agency, and banks.
Those type of communication tools can help daily activity and productivity, by saving time and getting adequate information by going directly to the internet to retrieve the information. Some trends I have seen over my career path at workplaces was the upgrades of technology; enhancing the way work is done and upgrading to state of the art equipment. Other trends I have recognized was the outsourcing of the different departments. Five to ten years ago it was unheard of the call a local company for customer service to find the person you are speaking to is in another country. Now days it is common to call your credit card company or mortgage company and get someone from India or Manilla on the other end.
Other trends I see today that have changed over the past five years are the beefed up data security. At one point you could been able to search certain sites on the internet, but with all of the social networks and gossips website they are very strict with what site you are entering. This can be for several reasons and virus protection is one of the major reasons. Because I work for a company with high profile clients, with sensitive and personal information we cannot send out any outgoing emails that contain numbers unless we mark the subject line with certain characters.

In conclusion, business communication is somethings everyone use on the job, with modern technology and different communication techniques it will only increase with time.

Democratic System of Government

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Feminist View of Girl

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Running head: A Feminist View of ???Girl??? 1

A Feminist View of ???Girl???

By Diane Crafton

South University On-line

A Feminist View of ???Girl??? 2

A Feminist Critical Perspective of ???Girl???

This paper will analyze Jamaica Kincaid??™s short poem ???Girl??? from a feminist perspective.

Kincaid??™s use of specific language, especially one of negation, is found throughout the story.

This emphasis on negation is also a powerful but implied deterrent in the story. Focusing the

Girl??™s attention on what behavior is acceptable the writer in the story logically though silently

Points to the dangers in transgressing these rules and code. For instance, by telling the girl how

She should act in order to be valued in what is clearly a patriarchal culture ???on Sunday??™s try to

Walk like a lady and not the slut you are so bent on becoming,??? (Jamaica Kincaid, 2005, Para: 5)

The title of the story ???Girl??? is an essential part of the work itself. The title provides several

Ideas. First, the title represents age of the daughter. She is not a woman, not yet on her own, but

a girl, still reliant on another, still with much to learn. So the age symbolizes her mother??™s

awareness of her age. She does not deem her a woman or a young lady, but a naive girl in need

of steady nurturing and supervision. ???Always eat your food in such a way that it won??™t turn

someone else??™s stomach??? (Jamaica Kincaid, 2005, Para; 4)

A second idea about the title is that it represents the daughter??™s struggle to find the rising

identity in the shadow of her mother and the ideal of the mother wants her to take on. She is not

naive in the story, nor is her place defined; she is not ???daughter,??? ???sister,??? ???mother,??? or ???wife,???

but ???girl???. This in itself must have been hard for any child to define where they belong in

society. To be expected to conform the rules which society places on us is sometimes to

much for one to bare.

A Feminist View of ???Girl??? 3

Today, our lives are much easier because we have many more freedoms than we did back in the

Early 1800??™s and 1900??™s. Since the women??™s movement, women have been allowed to work

outside of the homes without being patronized. ???This is how you iron your father??™s khaki shirt

so that it doesn??™t have a crease.??? (Jamaica Kincaid, 2001, Para; 352) This symbolism of the

power that her mother had over her during that time represents how much of the Caribbean

culture there was in their family tradition. ???Don??™t sing biennia Sunday school; ???when you are

growing dasheen, make sure it gets plenty of water or else it makes your throat itch when you are

eating it.??? (Jamaica Kincaid, 20011, Para; 352)

As for the emotions that we see in Jamaica Kincaid??™s work, they are somewhat hostile; ???the

Slut you are so bent on becoming??? has been found throughout her short story. The fear that her

mother has placed upon her about if she did not stay within the traditional role in her family.

???This is how you grow okra??”far from the house, because okra tree harbors red ants;??? ???this

is how to catch a fish.” ???This is how you smile to someone you don??™t like to much; ??????this is how

You set a table for dinner with an important guest.??? (Jamaica Kincaid, 2011, Para; 352). The

traditions were expected to be performed without resistance or there would be consequences

to pay, ???looking like the slut I know you are so bent on becoming.???

These steps to ensure that the daughter grew up on the traditional roles were far from being

compassionate. One would even say unequal and unfair. And though we have managed to

grow from our inexperience??™s and transition to a more equal understanding of ourselves, there

will always be inequality to some extent, somewhere.

A Feminist View of ???Girl??? 4


Kincaid, J. (2001). Girl. In D.L. Pike and A.M. Acosta??™s (Eds.) Literature: A world of writing stories, poems, plays, and essays

[Vital Source digital version] (p. 352). Boston, MA: Pearson Learning Solutions.

Feminist Analysis ??“ Week 2 Girl Final Essay, South University, 2001

Freedom of Expression and Sexual Orientation Discrimina

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Business Communication Trends

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As technology advances, so does business communication. Business communications play a major role in everyone??™s day-to-day work activities although not all communication is face-to-face. The current trends in business communications is making communicating with consumers, vendors and employees much easier and faster than it was in the past. The use of a Blackberry makes communication instantaneous without the restrictions of being tied to a desk. With the average American spending 195 hours using the Internet (Locker & Kienzler, “The Building Blocks of Effective Messages,” 2008), social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter help companies communicate the use of new products and provide valuable information to consumers and the general public. Emails are the preferred method of communication with those in the business world. Emails help foster relationships, exchange information and help consumers and employees on track and in constant communication with each other. In addition to these forms of communication, electronic calendars help manage our daily activities at work; the use of software such as Outlook, help keep schedules coordinated and meetings on schedule as well as keeping contacts organized.
With so many companies conducting business internationally and allowing employees to work from home, the use of video conferencing is becoming just as important if not more important than the use of the phone and of emails. Being able to conduct a meeting with a potential client in India when a company is based in the United States could mean the difference between landing the deal or not. At the company where I used to work, the President of the company held monthly Town Hall meetings with everyone in the company at once; this was accomplished with the use of video conferencing. This offered everyone in the company an equal amount of face time with the President and made the meeting more personal. I have also noticed that the use of ???Communicator??? has become more common; communicator is an instant messaging software. Instant messages are useful when someone has a quick question or wants to have a brief chat. In my experiences, the types of messages that result from the instant messaging trend are messages that are personal in nature. While the instant messages can only b sent to other employees, I have found that it is being used as a means of ???goofing off??? just as much as it is being used for business purposes. I have also found that employees are more comfortable being ???inappropriate??? when using instant messages than they are in their emails because they do not believe that instant messages are monitored.

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Feminist Perspective of Everyday Use

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A Feminist View of the ???Everyday Use???

???Everyday Use??? is one of black women writer, Alice Walker??™s most popular short stories. The story opens in the narrative point of view, and its language is trendy, witty and colorful. The plot is not too complicated and revolves around a conflict over two quilts within a family of black females; Mama, the black mother of Dee, the well-educated first daughter and the cowardly little daughter, Maggie. The story??™s setting takes place in 1960??™s during the African-American Civil Rights Movement while analyzing the worlds of three black women spirit worlds and symbols of significance in terms of Feminine Consciousness to project the literature topic of the novel.
Alice Walker explores the black women??™s social relationship, living state and spiritual quest. In this novel, the author interprets three black women, the mother and two daughters. The mother, who is strong, capable, hardworking, and undereducated, poor but optimistic, is a typical black woman and represents the common American black people. As the novel describes, the black mother of two girls is ???a large, big-bone woman with rough, man-working hands??? (Walker, 2011, Page 279) ???in the winter she wears ???flannel night owns to bed and overalls during hot in zero weather??? (Walker, 2011, Page 279). She can ???kill and clean a hog as mercilessly as a man??? (Walker, 2011, Page 279). Using figurative and vivid description of Mama identifies that she is a person lacking unusual abilities but the abilities she has have been inherited to bring up two daughters solely by herself. She values family relationships and the preservation of black culture and life. Mama has passed this cultural heritage to at least one of her daughters, and the other not so much. Alice Walker, wants to carry forward the black people??™s traditional culture, through this black mother, and make it exist for forever.
Mama??™s two daughters are very opposite. Maggie, the second child, is portrayed as shy, ugly and clumsy. The mother gives a description of Maggie stating ???have you ever seen a lame animal, perhaps a dog run over by some careless person rich enough to own a car, sidle up to someone who is ignorant enough to be kind to him This is the way my Maggie walks. She has been like this, chin to chest, eyes on ground, feet in shuffle, ever since the fire that burned the other house to the ground??? (Walker, 2011, Page 279). Maggie was one who wouldn??™t go far from her mother, she learned everything from her mother the way her mother did. She knows the origin of her family and everything in it, and she knows about quilts, and how to make them. Maggie represents the release of blacks??™ traditional culture. She is considered the ignored and forgotten inheritor. Unlike her sister, Dee, Maggie can identify with using her heritage and everyday items to use.
Dee is a rebel; the type of girl who overturns black women??™s traditional culture, especially in how black women are treated within their traditional attire cultures. The author very descriptively draws an image of how Dee returned home after leaving: ???A dress down to the ground, in this hot weather. A dress so loud it hurts my eyes. There are yellows and oranges enough to throw back the light of sun. I feel whole face warming from heat waves it throws out.??? (Walker, 2011, Page 280). If I had to guess I would say that Dee is a typical black woman that has an appreciation for white women, and white women??™s cultures. She claimed her independence away from black culture and was educated. She changed her looks and her name, but her selfishness remained.
Dee would rather heritage be displayed as decoration, rather than using the items that were passed down from ancestors has once used. When Dee returned home for a visit, while sitting at the table, ???Wangero says that??™s it I knew there was something I wanted to ask you if I could have and jumps up from the table and went over tin the corner where the churn stood, the milk in it clabber by now. This churn is what I need, she said??? (Walker, 2011, Page 281). She wanted to display the churn and dasher as artwork in her home. I can use the churn top as a center piece for the alcove table, and I??™ll think of something artistic to do with the dasher??? (Walker, 2011, Page 281 ) Very much unlike Maggie, who realizes the uses of the items.
In ???Everyday Use??? we realize that the all three female characters have the noticeable social features, reflecting black cultures and lifestyles. Through these three black women the author diverts the black women??™s creativity, spiritual pursuits while praising the sense of duty of maintaining the black women??™s culture. The author conveys that cultural heritage is not distinguished by a change of a name, or hairstyle. In fact, she emphasizes on the inner inevitability in cultural heritage, and refutes the shallow understanding to it; behind the cultural heritage, the author exposes the black women??™s means of self-awareness or realization.


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Business Communication Trends

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Assignment: Business Communication Trends
Communication plays a large role in my day-to-day work activities. I have to make sure information gets to the management team, to the customer, and to others in my organization. There are times when the information I am tasked with finding can cost the company thousands of dollars or show the customer that the proper procedures were followed and the fault lies with the user of the equipment. Unfortunately, the management team does not always communicate with the administrative staff as they should even though they have laptops and Blackberries. This lack of communication on the managers??™ part has cost the administrative staff much time and stress. My company uses Outlook as the primary email application and the applications integrated within help me to manage my activities. The calendar is most useful because it allows other members of the business to appoint others to have the ability to see what appointments they have scheduled so we can know where they are if the customer requests their presence. The calendar also helps to remind me when I have a meeting to attend. The task application is helpful to me because I can set it up to remind me of the weekly and monthly tasks I need to accomplish so I can stay on schedule.
At my current workplace the trend in communication is to go the technology route. Instead of having people travel to a meeting site many of the meetings are now being held via conference call and Microsoft Live Meeting. The asset management system we use has the ability to use hand-held devices to transmit work tickets from the system to the technicians and transmit completed tickets back to the system. Part of the idea is to save paper because now we have to print thousands of tickets a month and the amount is only going to increase. We also use direct connect to dispatch work to the technicians to try to keep phone costs down.
At my previous job there was a larger market for technology and communication resources. I worked for a custom home builder and the systems that were put into the new houses were very high-tech. The owners had video cameras installed in and around the house so they could see the video from laptops and cell phones. The owners also have the ability to control the temperature, turn on the oven, control the lighting system, and many other aspects of the household. Today??™s technological advances are not only making it easier for people to communicate with one another but also to keep an eye on and communicate with their house.

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