Women in the Progressive Era

The history of women suffrage before and up to the Progressive Era (1860-1920) and their attempt to achieve equality.

This paper focuses around the ?American Dream? in which women sought to achieve equality. It includes an in-depth explanation of their dream, a section on the limited rights and political and social norms that kept them from achieving their dream and a section on how their activism brought equality.
“During the Progressive Era, all Americans had an essential dream or motivation that accounted for their presence in the United States. Be it good work for the Irish, or a fair banking system for the Farmers, each group was motivated to succeed and achieve their dreams, in order to better their lives or the lives of their children. Women were no different. Women struggled to achieve equality; equality as a citizen, equality in the work place, and equality at home. (The Declaration of Sentiments: Report of the Woman’s Rights Convention)”